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My Poland - original handicraft - masters' workGuarantee of authenticity

In My Poland you will find original Polish handicraft from the entire Poland. We offer traditional products as well as modern ones, inspired by traditional handicraft. What distinguishes us is superior craftmanship - 100% hand made by masters of different craft disciplines and by reputed designers. We reach out directly to artists who are recognized as authorities on the subject, such as: embroidery, lace or ceramics,  and who were rewarded. Most of the artists have a status of “ licensed folk artist”, granted by The Association of Folk Artists - one of the most influential organization in Poland in the field of folk art. We also establish contacts with handicraft professionals being representatives of forgotten professions, whose work is highly valued for its uniqueness. In My Poland you will find also collectors’ products - i.e. works reworded in handicraft contests.



My Poland - oryginal handicraft - protocol presents - presents from EmbassiesPrestigious Customers and business partners

The quality of our products has been recognized not only by Individual Customers but also by such demanding Consumers like public institutions and companies. My Poland cooperates with Embassies and Polish posts abroad by preparing protocol presents. Among our employees are professionals who are trained in diplomatic protocol, which facilitates cooperation with us.



My Poland - oryginal handicraft - protocol presents - presents from EmbassiesMy Poland’s membership in the Alliance for Artisan Enterprise/Worldwide promotion of Polish handicraft

We are the only Polish company that has been selected to be a member of the Alliance for Artisan Enterprise organization. The Alliance for Artisan Enterprise is a foundation that was launched in 2012 by the former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, and that supports the worldwide development of the artisan sector. My Poland’s membership in this organization is an expression of distinction and appreciation for our work as a socially-aware and tested company supporting Polish original handicraft. Importantly, it is an opportunity for the worldwide promotion of Polish handicraft.



My Poland - original handicraft -traditional handicraft - authentique souvenirs from PolandPresenting the history of products and connected traditions


We not only sell the products, we also share our knowledge of them. We present traditions connected with particular products, their history and the way they are manufactured. We also present some of the authors and their workshops.





My Poland - original handicraft - presents from PolandAttractive packaging

We pack every product neatly in order it could be given as a present. In My Poland you will find also corporate kits packed in exceptionally elegant boxes. At your request we can send the product on the spot to a person who you want give a present, including a chit from you. In order to go into details please send us an email:





My Poland mapa świata - gdzie dotarły nasze produkty



My Poland - original handicraft - worldwide delivery - presents from PolandEffective worldwide delivery

Thanks to cooperation with different transportation companies, we are in the position to deliver our products worldwide (see the map above). So far, our products have been delivered to Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, and even to such remote destinations like: Australia, the USA or Iceland. We are particularly interested in cooperation with Polish emigrants, though our objective is to build renown of Polish handicraft also among foreigners. That is why our Internet service is built equally in two extra language versions: English and French.

Our asset is an effective and affordable delivery. Prices of an international dispatch are starting from 22 PLN. We offer different forms of transportation: priority mail, courier, we cooperate also with DHL.




My Poland - original handicraft - worldwide delivery - presents from PolandConvenient methods of payment

My Poland offers convenient methods of payment. We cooperate with PayPal, a reputable and well known account agent.  PayPal is a global payment system, operating in a real time, guaranteeing the highest standard of identity authentication, thanks to which making purchases in My Poland is safe and available 24 hours a day in all time zones.  The system of price conversion for different currencies makes My Poland’s offer accessible not only for our Polish Customers, but also for our foreign Customers.




My Poland - original handicraft - worldwide delivery - presents from Poland
Worldwide promotion of Polish handicraft

Not only does My Poland export its products, but it works also to promote Polish handicraft globally. Our products were presented during international craft fairs in Colombia.  We also represented Poland in the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Kenya, an event organized by the Unites States Department of State.





My Poland - original handicraft - comfort of purchasing - online store

We stand behind the products we sell. If you are not fully satisfied with the quality of your order or believe your product has a manufacturing defect or a damage, please contact us so we can make things right.

If you decide to return or exchange a product, in My Poland you have the right to do it within 30 days from the delivery. You do not need to provide the reason of the return or exchange of purchased goods, however we value your feedback to better adjust our offer to Customers’ expectations .





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