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Protocol presents - offer for Protocol Posts


My Poland company offers a wide range of protocol presents. Each time they are individually planned to better suit to circumstances and to better respond to a subject and character of a diplomatic meeting. Our proposals will evoke pleasant associations and will focus guests’ attention.

The most beautiful products of Polish handicraft

We offer the most beautiful Polish handicraft products, made by masters and characterized by the highest quality. We offer traditional and well-known products as well as products less known but equally beautiful.

The most frequently ordered gifts include:

Prezenty protokolarne - My Poland, wyroby z bursztynu

amber products

original Polish handicraft, amber and specially preparated coal - two Polish natural resources, exclusive gifts recommended for present for a foreigner

Prezenty protokolarne - My Poland

Lowicz Region paper cutouts

pattern, color and size can be adapted to your needs; each cutout has a frame which was individually chosen by a professional framing studio


Prezenty protokolarne - My Poland

Christmas and Easter decorations

sets of modern, unbreakable Chrismas balls and Easter eggs, decorated with stylized patterns inspired by a folk paper-cutting

Prezenty protokolarne - My Poland

Lowicz ceramics

modern Lowicz ceramics, made by a recognized artist from Lowicz - beautiful shapes and colors, original design

Individual products

My Poland can provide you with a tailor-made products, fitted to individual needs. We can undertake projects that other manufacturers, due to their complexity and labor intensity, are not willing to provide or not capable of doing. We can prepare a product of untypical sizes, decorated  with pattern provided by the customer (eg. the coat of arms or national emblem), and even prepare a replica of the product based on an uploaded image. All this thanks to the collaboration with artists, who are the true masters of their disciplines.   

Our sample projects 

Prezenty protokolarne - My Poland

snuff box with silver decorations

decorating is made according to the pattern provided by our client more snuff-boxes

Prezenty protokolarne - My Poland

grey pottery

cup reconstructed on the basis of a pictures provided by the customer check other products


Prezenty protokolarne - My Poland

Kashubian embroidery

the 430 cm long tablecloth, richly decorated with Kashubian embroidery of  borowiecka school. Due to the large size and unique richness of embroidery, it took our artist 3 months to embroider it. more products

Visit our online store for more details on original Polish handicraft.


Attention! Taking into account the fact, that all our products are hand-made, consider to place your orders in advance, please.

Our Clients


We have already had honor to cooperate with the Polish Embassy in Canada, in the USA, Iceland, or the Ireland Embassy in Poland, the Embassy of Republic of Austria in Poland, as well as the Permanent Representation of Poland to OECD in Paris.

Who we are?

Prezenty protokolarne - My Poland

My Poland specializes in the sales and the promotion of original Polish handicraft. By presenting its history, symbolism and traditions we reach not only individual customers but also diplomatic posts.

Having knowledge on how to prepare the protocol presents we are capable of delivering you high quality, appropriately packed and suitable for any occasion gifts. 

Who do we cooperate with?

The company cooperates with folk artists recognized as the authorities on the subject. The majority of them have the status of “licensed folk artist”, given by the Polish Folk Arts Society referred to as Stowarzyszenie Twórców Ludowych (STL) in Polish, which guarantees the originality and a high quality of all products offered by My Poland. The company invites artists fascinated with taking advantage of folk elements in modern art, for whom folk art poses a source of inspiration and who, driven by their education or fascinations, create beautiful, modern pieces of art, as well.

Please, contact us at if you need further information.