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We invite you to become familiar with a list of frequent questions. Should you not find an answer to your question among them, write to us on:



Does My Poland offer differ from the offer of other shops of this kind?

In My Poland, you can only find those products that I regard as valuable and commendable. We present products which often are inaccessible in other stores. We reach out directly to artists from all of Poland who are recognized as authorities on the subject. We establish contacts with handicraft professionals being representatives of forgotten professions. In our offer you will also find unique products, such as competitive pieces of work. We are in the position to prepare a custom-made product especially at your request.

An important distinct feature of My Poland is also the fact that we present products from all over Poland, as well as national minorities offer. We reach out, not only to the most popular and most well-known products such as Łowicz Region handicraft, but we also find for you genuine pearls from different regions and traditions.

Patterns of the majority of the handicrafts that are accessible in My Poland are given the certificate granted by the National Artistic And Ethnographic Commission, referred to as Krajowa Komisja Artystyczna i Etnograficzna in Polish. This certificate confirms the unrepeatability of the folk artifact and the uniqueness of the way it was manufactured. In My Poland, you can only find those products that I regard as valuable and commendable.



How to distinguish original handicraft products from fake ones?

Original handicraft products are often sealed with a manufacturing plant stamp where they were made, or are signed by the artist. In the case of the ceramics such a stamp is usually placed on the bottom of the dish. It is easiest, however, to recognize handicraft products by their natural features – such products always differ one from another slightly (even if they are made according to one pattern), they show traces of the production process (traces of tools on the wood, traces of burning on ‘siwaki’ - the grey pottery, traces of paper folding on paper-cuttings), and patterns and shapes are never ideally even.



Why is it worth buying handicraft in Poland?

The culture of handicraft in Poland has a centuries-old tradition. Folk art in Poland continues to have a special meaning. It is being taken care of when it comes to its fidelity to traditional and regional canons and therefore you can be sure of authenticity, value and uniqueness of handicrafts you are buying in Poland. Buying handicrafts in Poland enables you to derive products from an unusual wealth of pieces of folk art which, owing to the blend of many cultures and a variety of regions, acquired shapes that are interesting, original and unseen in other countries of this part of Europe.  

More information can be found in the following section:


How should I maintain handicraft products?


Each product made of natural materials should be cleaned/washed in delicate detergents.

We recommend to wash all linen tablecloths, serviettes in the temperature not exceeding 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit). If necessary, use stain removers for linen products, but not containing chlorine as it will damage fibers.

All products made of sheep wool (i.e. dual - warp tapestry) should be dry-cleaned.


Why can measurements sometimes differ slightly from those provided in the shop?

Products sold in Poland are hand-made. Therefore even those ones that are made according to one pattern can differ slightly in terms of size and shape. This results from the nature of hand-production process.



Does the Internet faithfully display the genuine look of the product?

We made every effort to ensure that the photos presented on My Poland website show products in the most faithful way. It is worth remembering that colours on every screen look slightly differently. It may occur that the product colour-scheme will barely stand out from the one in the picture. Likewise, it is not easy to expose all details and display a product from every side. Therefore it is worthwhile to read its description which is a supplement to the photo.



What happens if I do not like the product?

If you do not like the product you can return it or exchange it for another one. In My Poland we have significantly extended the time for sending back purchased products in case they do not live up to our Customers’ expectations. You are provided with 30 days once you received the delivery to send it back to My Poland. You do not need to give us the reason of the return of purchased goods, although we would be grateful if you do that, as it is a helpful information for us.
The cost of returning the parcel will be covered by the Client.



Are transactions carried out via the Internet safe?

In My Poland we pay special attention to the safety of our transactions. All account agents have got appropriate certificates and were especially selected with the view to the high quality of the offer, as well as safety standards. Obviously one has to observe basic safety principles when trading via the Internet.



If I buy a product via the Internet, can I send it directly to the person, whom I want to offer it as a present?

We pack every product neatly in order it could be given as a present. In My Poland you will find also corporate kits packed in exceptionally elegant boxes. At your request we can send the product on the spot to a person which you want to present, including a chit from you – in order to go into details please send us an email:



Can My Poland products be sent to any chosen place in the world, or are there any limits?

There are no limits as to where our products can be sent to. We have invited such couriers/messengers and spedition companies which are renowned for their high standards and are experienced in delivering parcels worldwide. More information on this subject can be found in the section Delivery Conditions.